DHT22 AM2302 temperature sensor and humidity sensor compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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  • ✔️ {Reliable and stable}: The AZ-Delivery DHT22/AM2302 Temperature And Humidity Sensor utilises exclusive digital-signal-collecting-technique and humidity sensing technology ensuring precise and reliable measurements of temperature and humidity levels
  • ✔️ {Versatile}: This sensor is ideal for many applications including monitoring room temperature, as a weather station etc
  • ✔️ {Suitability}: as the sensor can be operated with 3.3V and 5V voltages, they are suitable for connection to all standard boards such as RN-Control, Raspberry Pi and all other microcontrollers.
  • ✔️ {Compact and energy saving}: The sensor is small sized, low power consuming with long transmission distance (20m) which allows it to withstand all kinds of harsh application instances
  • ✔️ This product includes an E-Book that provides useful information on how to begin your project, it helps with a quick setup and saves time on the configuration process. We provide an array of application examples, full installation guides and libraries.
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