Sourcetree - use (fauxmoESP)

We've downloaded Sourcetree now, but how do I use it now?

As an example, we take the Alexa project fauxmoESP.

After we have run the website of fauxmoESP we see a download button in the upper left corner:

A pop-up window opens:

In this window we click on Clone in Sourcetree

Your browser may ask with which program to open the link:

Sourcetree should now open and ask where to download the package:

With clones, we start the process:

In the next window, the e-mail can be entered or canceled.

The git library has been downloaded:

On the left we have FILE STATUS / working copy, or also below 3 tabs "File status", we click on working copy or file status we come to this window:

By clicking on "Open in Explorer" we come to the git project and can copy and use it in the Arduino libraries:

Now we can use Sourcetree libraries and use them in Arduino. Have fun with your projects.

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