Smart Pool Project - Introduction

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We are very pleased to present the project of a community member today. Mr. Strittmatter realized a very nice project with a pool control, and the whole project was well documented.



Project Smart Swimming Pool

Smart swimming pool


In the following four blog posts, I will describe step by step how to control a swimming pool using self-built IoT modules. The cost of the required electronic components is less than 100 euros.

  • Input articles: Smart Swimming Pool with the problem and the requirements, necessary hardware as well as the goal of the series
  • Pool controller: The controller that measures temperatures and can periodically send via MQTT and switch via MQTT sockets (433MHz), set up MQTT server on Raspberry
  • OpenHAB: Connection of the controller, display of measurement data, control of sockets
  • The Smart Pool: smart control through OpenHAB rules, conclusion & outlook



Stephan Strittmatter works as a talent scout in an IT consulting firm and introduces young talents to software development. A few months ago, he finally had contact points with the ESP controllers via the Raspberry PI and the Micro:bit. These have enabled him to have a childhood dream of finally connecting hardware and software easily. The private pool was therefore a welcome project to combine IoT, smart home and research drive.

Twitter: @_stritti_


Stephan Strittmatter


Go to: Smart control for the swimming pool (1/4)

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Allerdings landete ich auf der SwimminPool Seite.

Stephan Strittmatter

Stephan Strittmatter

Wer Interesse an dem Projekt hat, es gibt mittlerweile eine verbesserte Version auf GitHub:

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