IoT - Internet of Things with Alexa - Alexa setup

Many devices have a web interface or an App to control you can. Would it not be cool to talk just with the device, such as, for example, "turn on light". To realise this, we will show you here how this works.

To achieve this, we use ALEXA. Alexa we get with the Amazon Echo Dot.


We will show you here in a couple of Blogs, like you, with Alexa starting out and in the end do different actions can.


Commissioning Alexa:

first we pack the EchoDot and remove all protective films.

We then connect the power supply via the USB-cable with the EchoDot and connect it to a free outlet. After a brief moment of EchoDot begins to glow and a moment later, the EchoDot also speaks with you.

Next we need to install the Alexa App on our phone or Tablet.

To do this, we start the Appstore or Playstore and search for Amazon Alexa:



After the install is Alexa on our home screen as a new App available. This we start the next.

After the start we asked for our Amazon account. You will need an Amazon account, you can sign up here new.


After logging in, we don't have to accept first the terms of use, otherwise, we get any further, unfortunately.

Now we are asked which device is to be set up, in this case, an Echo of Dot, which we also select.

I prefer to use in the next step, the language English and click on Continue, other languages can be selected:

In the next step, we may finally have our Echo Dot with the Wi-Fi connect.

The Echo of Dot should be connected, and a rotating orange beacon lights:

In the next step, we asked us with the Echo of Dot via Wi-Fi to connect:

To do this, we start our system settings on the phone and connect with the newly released (unprotected) Wi-Fi, Amazon xxx (in my case Amazon-EV6)

Alexa confirmed the Connect with a short tone and say the we in the App continue to. So we switch back to the App.

There is a successful connection is displayed:

After we clicked Next, scans of the Echo Dot all the available Wi-Fi networks:

Choose your network and type in your password:

Now we click on Connect and wait a short Moment until the Echo of Dot with the Wi-Fi connects:

After not even a Minute, the connection is established and set up:


The Echo Dot has next to the USB power connector is also a Jack and a Bluetooth function. These connections can now be established, if another speaker is available, I do Not use the speaker (the Echo Dot has a built-in):


Alexa would like to now some more personal information:

Your Name can also still be adjusted, but should your Amazon account already taken have been:

To later on notifications to get, should the next step be activated:

Possibly. you ask your phone now if Alexa has access to contacts and if you want to get Push notifications. This you can decide for yourself whether you allow it or not.

For calls and other functions, the mobile phone number needed:

Then you get a confirmation code by SMS sent:


To complete the setup shows you the Amazon App is a short introduction video, you can view:

Alexa setup is now complete, but now we'll talk in the next Blog with Alexa. Until next time, have fun crafting.


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