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Hello together,

today's blog post we would like to use to give you our unsolemn Amica V2 with ESP8266, to provide a suitable housing and to provide a short overview of the theme of 3D design for easy access.

We have soldered this book instead of pen bars


To get started with the topic of 3D construction, I would like to briefly introduce two possibilities. The easiest way is TinkerCad from Autodesk.

There are many tutorials at your disposal that make the entrance quite simple.

For all users who have already gained experience, I would like to briefly mention the Autodesk Fusion360 for hobby users, which can be used free of charge.

The second possibility is aimed at computer scientists and electrical engineers who have already had experience with various programming languages: OpenSCAD With this tool you can program 3D objects instead of modeling them as usual.

The files for our first object we have uploaded for you on Thingiverse, you will find this here.

When designing parts, you should take into account already from the beginning which 3D printer you use to make the wall thicknesses ideal for layer heights, this is not absolutely necessary, however, recommended

The enclosure has been created for a Makerbot Replicator 2 (X), which is why the wall thickness is 0.8mm.

Here the assembly:

The cover is accurate, but should be fixed with adhesive

In a following article we show you how to pack controllers, sensors and LEDs waterproof with the help of a 3D printer.


I hope our blog post has fallen to you. Have you already gained experience with 3D printers? We are looking forward to your feedback and wish you a lot of fun with your handicraft.

Until the next post!

Your Moritz 



Moritz Spranger

Moritz Spranger

Hallo Maestro,
wir fertigen auf Nachfrage auch 3D-Drucke, jedoch können wir aufgrund der kleinen Stückzahl keinen wirtschaftlichen Preis anbieten. Ich denke preislich sind wir auf dem Niveau von Stratasys.
3D-Drucker bauen ist nichtmehr so kostenintensiv wie man denk, es gibt mittlerweile günstige Bausätze.



Ja klar hab ich meinen 3D Drucker schon für meine Elektrobastelein eingesetzt. Ich finde da sehr praktisch.



Wenn man nun selbst keinen 3D-Drucker besitzt, kann man dann dieses passgenaue Gehäuse bei Euch bestellen? Bzw. solche bei euch in Auftrag geben? Wenn man z.B. nur mal 3 Gehäuse braucht ist die Anschaffung eines Druckers ja nicht wirklich wirtschaftlich… ;-)

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